• Official Release - New Wildcat! v6.3, build 452.6

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    Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2008 15:01:25 -0400
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    Subject: Official Release - New Wildcat! v6.3, build 452.6
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    For Immediate Release:

    Homestead, FL, October 22, 2008 - Santronics Software, Inc. makers of
    advanced electronic mail products, anti-spam technology, remote hosting internet client/server applications, and the leading provider of secured, dialup online systems, announces the immediate availability of Wildcat! Interactive Net Server, Version 6.3, build 452.6.

    Wildcat! v6.3 (Build 452.5) includes many new features and enhancements and a detailed summary of this update is available at:


    AUP subscribers have immediate access to WIN Server v6.3. Non-subscribers can run the AUP and signup for one of the two subscription plans for same day access or Click here https://secure.santronics.com/products/order/purchase.php to purchase the upgrade or AUP. Sale ends 11/04/08.

    The following are the major highlights of this update:

    NEW: Added "Errors\Custom" Override Template system

    FIX: Wildcat! deleting wc:\logs\ files failed to delete the files.

    FIX: Fixed FileUploaderKey search key

    WCONLINE (Wildcat! Online Controller)

    NEW: New ability to load new WCOxxxx.DLL hosting modules allows
    for future expansion.

    FIX: Fixed GPF with using WCPOSTWM Wildcat.Clearstats.Wconline

    WCWEB (Wildcat! WEB Server)

    NEW: Added audio option "Good to see you again" to personal

    FIX: The WEB server can now be restarted after a refuse state is
    set in wcNode.

    FIX: WCT API GetUserByXXXX() functions

    FIX: The @UPDATEUSER@ macro was not being processed.

    FIX: wcbbs cookie added back in.

    FIX: Fixed Html vs Client Mode Timeout Issue

    FIX: Fixed personal property change option for birthdays.

    FIX: Fixed WcFlash MP3 file extension case sensitivity problem.

    WCTELNET (Wildcat! Telnet Server)

    FIX: The Telnet server can now be restarted after a refuse state
    is set in wcNode.

    WCPOP3 (Wildcat! POP3 Server)

    FIX: The POP3 server can now be restarted after a refuse state
    is set in wcNode.

    WCMAIL (Wildcat! Mail Gateway)

    FIX: Fixed importing of wcListServer list names which contains dots
    and underscores

    WCLISTSERVE (Wildcat! List Server)

    FIX: Fixed wcListServer line truncation problem during mail
    list distribution.


    ENH: Changes to console/text mode Sysop User Editor

    WCBASIC (Wildcat! BASIC Software Development Kit) -!----------------------------------------------

    NEW: New StripTags() function was added

    ENH: Trim() function now does a true white space trimming.

    ENH: Added constants in WCSDK but was not in WCBASIC compiler,
    i.e, maAllowDupes.

    WCSDK (Wildcat! Software Development Kit) -!---------------------------------------

    ENH: The WCSDK was updated to v6.3 level

    WCT (Wildcat Template Processor)

    NEW: New WCT Macros

    Wildcat! Interactive Net Server v6.3 is available in Community, Business
    and Enterprise Editions, starting at $249.00 for the standard Community Edition. Media upgrades and electronic auto updates are available from
    previous versions and can be purchased online or by calling our Sales Department.

    Santronics Software, Inc., 15600 SW 288 St, Suite 306, Homestead, FL 33033 Orders: 800-845-6944, TEL: 305-248-3204, FAX: 305-248-0394
    Sales: http://www.santronics.com Support: http://winserver.com

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