• AUP GAMMA 452.2b 05/30/2007 Posted

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    Subject: AUP GAMMA 452.2b 05/30/2007 Posted
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    A new GAMMA 452.2b was posted which fixes a few things from the last
    initial 452.2a GAMMA, plus 1 new overall fix and plus 1 new feature.

    To obtain the gamma, type:


    This 452.2b update fixes the new IP TRACKING/BLOCKING added for POP3 in
    452.2a so I won't bother to describe that but rather describe the other significant items:


    - NEW: WCPOP3 now support TLS.

    If you have SSL enabled for POP3, WCPOP3 will now support the STLS
    command for encrypted authentication on the normal POP3 port 110. This
    is equivalent to a SSL explicit communication for POP3. With STLS
    support, the PLAIN SASL authentication method will not be exposed
    until TLS is started by the POP3 client.


    - FIX: MIMELIB.DLL now counts Images without inline
    dispositions as attachments.

    - FIX: Fixed bug in MIMELIB.DLL in parsing Multipart Boundary lines.

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