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    Subject: Exploring New Feature - Recent Messages
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    We are exploring a new feature to display the "recent messages". Log into
    the BBS and see it for yourself in the message client. Right now, it
    displays the recent messages 7 days old in all conferences.

    I have a beta version for you to try out at:

    http://www.winserver.com/dev (Developer's Corner)

    Click the BETA Applications option to download and setup information.

    I think this has lots of potential and I want your comments and feature
    list here, like USER OPTIONS.

    Here is the options I am thinking:

    - Scan only Selected Message Areas
    - Display user defined X last days
    - Follow your Last Read position (see comment below)
    - Show Entire Topic Messages in window ?????
    - Other ideas?

    After studying this more, I think we already have the technology that will
    work really nice with this Recent Messages. If you think about it, and
    the QWK people will feel this, this is basically a SCAN of your messages
    that in the past we use to DOWNLOAD as a QWK.

    QWK already gave users "Conference Options"

    - Scan All
    - Scan Personal only
    - Scan Personal and mail to ALL
    - Scan all using Last Read pointer

    You can see this via Telnet in "Your Setting | Offline Mail Options"

    What do you think?


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