• Re: [WINServer] New AUP Gamm 452.1 03/15/2007

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    Shannon Talley wrote:
    I really like this...

    Thank you. Your account is created, please login to
    finish the signup process

    [ Click here to login]

    I've been wanting something like this for a really long time.. THIS
    makes logging into the system as a new user really flow well.... :)

    Yes, I think so. And chatting with Chris Weis, it also give you the
    option to alter the flow.

    The normal flow after Posting the /SIGNUP information to create the
    account is to redirect to /NEWUSER. That is what forced the login that potentially confused some users.

    /NEWUSER is just an built-in alias to check for QUESNEW.DAT
    questionnaire, if any, and to display the first time WELCOME.HTM page.

    With the AccountCreated.wct page, you don't need to use /NEWUSER in the
    [CLICK HERE TO LOGIN] button. You can go straight to /LOGIN or any
    other page you want.

    So yes, this is good. :-)


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