• Add-on Utilities for v6.2.452.1

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    Subject: Add-on Utilities for v6.2.452.1
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    Hector Santos wrote:

    But starting with this version, we will have a cleaned up file
    area on the bbs with new WCX tools, applications that you can
    use with Wildcat, from us and 3rd party developers. To start, I am
    thinking they will begin with:

    - Show LastCallers
    - Captcha tool
    - Email-based Signup/Validate
    - RSS news displays
    - And others RSS/XML related Wildcat wigets

    These will all come with WCC source code so that developers
    can enhanced them or learn how to other applications using stuff
    they learn from these.

    As a follow up to this post, the two more critical completions are:

    1) New user Signup Add-on
    - with and without CAPTCHA

    2) Email Based Validation Add-ons

    and the optional combination of the two.

    Technically speaking, you don't need these enhancements since Wildcat!
    is prepared to offer you new user signup automatically, and validation
    hooks that you can prepare yourself. That is why they are optional.

    While I don't recall the optional ZIP file names I provided while back
    (I think last year around November), it was some first version "SIGNUP"
    zip that gave people an example SIGNUP tool with CAPTCHA and EMAIL

    I think most people liked it because it gave them something they can
    install and work, and I recall some people modify it slightly to make it
    fit into their system better.

    I guess that is what I would like to know. I am updating these two
    components and it would very cool to get some insight into what, if
    anything, people had done with these files. What did they have to do to
    make it work better for them? etc.

    otherwise, I am going to do what I think it generic for everyone.

    Here is where I am doing:

    - The default HTTP\PUBLIC\NEWUSER.HTM is the default signup found, it
    comes with every system.

    - The optional add-on will be HTTP\PUBLIC\NEWUSER.WCT which WCWEB will
    use if found. As a WCT, we have more customization progrmaming control
    like auto put in your site name, check for a site.info.image logo, etc.
    When as a WCT, the idea is the SYSOP doesn't have to edit the
    NEWUSER.WCT. Thats the goal.

    - I am adding a AJAX component to the NEWUSR.WCT. That means, the WCT
    will check the user's name without submitting the input. If there is an
    error, it will popup right there on the same page. Without AJAX, the
    user will get an error page says "Click BACK button and try again"

    - I am making the CAPTCHA optional and separate from the SIGNUP process.
    I tried to do this before, and I remember there was some barrier, hence
    why it isn't like that in the last version, but I will try to do this again.

    - I am making the validation option as part of the signup process, and
    also usable anytime if the sysop changes the user's account to "non-validated." That is how it suppose to work now (and it does).
    The difference is I am want to explore eliminating extra login
    requirements. I did check this out and I think it is almost impossible
    to do because of the nature of the wildcat security. But again, I will explore this.

    - Finally, what I will spent time on is a "WIZARD" like concept where
    all this can be done in "WIZARD WEB BASED PAGES" so that it can be
    easily spelly out to users, page by page.

    If you have any comments, now is the time. :-)

    Keep in mind that these are separate from the official package, so it is
    not intended to alter the current gamma system and delay any scheduled
    release date of 452.1.

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