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    Subject: Audio Streaming
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    On 2007-02-28 5:09 AM, JERRY SEHL wrote to HECTOR SANTOS:

    As to your sample music files, I tried to play one and received my time
    allow or something along that line.

    No, fhere is an option in the listing that if the Extension is MP3, and a special WCX is present, then it will show a SPEAKER icon that you can click
    to play.

    The beta site had it originally and when I put the new templates in the
    other day, I guess it was disabled or removed because maybe I didn't want
    that to be the default. I have to check it now because it was to show it if
    the special WCX was installed.

    Maybe it was removed because we found that it allowed you to by pass the
    "file limits." :) I know that we wanted to make sure 'accounting' was part
    of it too.

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