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    Why did my reply RE: Visit the v6.2 beta test site not wrap to the screen?

    Wrote the reply via web connection using IE6. Webmail previously wrapped to screen here, still does at my wc site. I have seen a couple of other users here whose msgs do not wrap either.


    On 2007-02-27 2:29 AM, DAVE GOURD wrote to WINSERVER SUPPORT:

    On 2007-02-26 5:33 AM, WINSERVER SUPPORT wrote to all:


    I wish to invite everyone to beta test the new features and
    to the Wildcat! WEB interface at:


    Email Validation is required to sign up.

    We would like to get any comments you have, nits, complaints about
    of the new stuff.

    For the most part, this is a big update. However, of course, we are not in business to "break" your system. So we did everything to make sure
    "ENHANCED IT" and not really changed anything. For example, if you don't like the new TOP BAR MENU FRAME, you can turn it off
    in the template\globalopts.inc file.

    The majority enhancement had to do with make it ready for CSS and
    and to give sysops and developers the ability to customize without losing out any updates (you can use a TEMPLATE\CUSTOM folder to
    your changes).

    WCT was greatly enhanced for DHTML programming. The GOTO CLIENT
    down on the top frame is an example of the dynamic programming as
    as the new Personal Properties layout designed for people to add their own USER PROPERTIES customization that offers users values to

    The layout has provided a capability to easily to create a "SYSOP
    for future web-based sysop applications. The system is already
    for it.

    We added better viewing of large listings with regional scrolling, it allows you to get the "MENU" for the page at the top for example or
    need to repeat the menu at the bottom. Not all screens have this,
    the mains one do.

    A nice progress bar was added to the file upload and developer and sysops and easily add their progress with a plug and play module. Two progress bars were provided.

    We made it ready for streaming music. In a next update we will
    the file layout a little to ask the user "what kind of file is this?"
    or have File Area "types" so that WINS can better decide how to
    files. We are also going to PEER TO PEER Wildcat systems! to allows use to share FILES and MAIL CONFERENCES

    Anyway, give the beta site a shot when you get a moment and give us
    note of any problems or if you LIKE it, give us a note alway! It tells us we are doing something right. :-)



    Look pretty good, but I can't view the chat client/app in web mode, get
    [error] msg "Your browser understands the <APPLET> tag but isn't running the applet, for some reason. Your browser is completely ignoring the <APPLET> tag!"

    I've seen this before, can't remember what I did to correct it. Running IE6 with most recent security updates, chat also is not working for me now at
    own wc site. Have site listed in 'trusted' zone, any ideas?

    FWIW - I never did really care a lot for the 'original' wildcat default
    forgot what they looked like - took me back a ways when logged into the
    site and saw the nostalic look ;)

    Like especially the drop down menu offering, been wanting to do that here
    long time, never took time to look into the details; might finally get to it

    Can multiple dropdowns be used in a single page/frame?

    I am also seeing more and more of those ?captcha? images for human verification, is this going to be oofered in updates or is that something external to wins - like to do that with logins and maybe look at verified/authenticated messaging.


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