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    Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2007 01:08:35 -0400
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    This week we will be preparing the new WINSERVER v6.2 BUILD 452.1 for
    AUP GAMMA testing. GAMMA means all AUP subscribers have access the new
    version where we fell it is stable enough for final comments before
    final release.

    There are a lot of new enhancements, some fixes to 452.1, in particular
    a big emphasis on cleaning up the web side HTML, WCT and CSS style
    sheets making it more flexible for WEB customization.

    Please visit http://www.winserver.com, review and comment on the following:

    - Personal Properties (PP)

    - Who's Online

    One reason why we changed the personal properties view to have vertical buttons is because sysops and 3rd party developers now have the ability
    to add their own buttons to offer users custom "personal properties."
    So we needed the space to add buttons vertically. The beauty of this
    is that even if you don't the buttons, you can remove the BUTTONS.CSS
    style sheet and it will appear differently using a normal ordered list
    of links.

    More importantly, is a great new feature in 452.1 which allows sysops
    and 3rd party developers to read/write extended user variables (i.e,
    profile variables). The user session only had READ access only. Now it
    can write to its own extended user database.

    And example of this new capability is the new AUDIO options in the
    personal properties. Since we added some of the wcNavigator audio notification stuff, obviously we wanted the user to have the option to
    turn it off/on.

    Including with this new audio logic is a new WCAUDIOPLAY.JS javascript
    that now supports WEB-BASED Flash sound playing which is faster than the
    SUN JAVA based we added in the last released. Also, FLASH is HOT, and
    its on 90% of all machines! The JAVA version was ok, but it required installation from SUN because Microsoft no longer supports JAVA for its
    web browsers (not included any more). Using the new WCAUDIOPLAY.JS is
    better and it will allow you to add STREAMING AUDIO to your web site!!

    The Who's Online was "enhanced" with the idea again to allow admins and
    3rd party developers to add their own stuff to the interface. For now,
    we are calling these add-ons "WHO BOTS". Some examples of who bots as
    shown at our site are:

    - An icon link to email the online user,
    - A "Who Called Today" box added to the display.

    Anyway, if you have any comments, please do. We will be spending the
    next few days this week to prepare for the AUP GAMMA so you will be able
    to get and test out the new version.


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