• Re: [WINServer] AUP 451.9j GAMMA is available - FINAL

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    Small Correction on Developer note:


    Now, all you need to do in step 2 is:

    step 2: set the attachment using full path name and copy file


    This will properly set the both the SFN and LFN fields, check to make sure
    the LFN is not longer than 79 characters, and also COPY the file to the WC:\TEMP making it ready for the
    AddMessage() post to see the attachment. So you have for example:

    WcSetMessageAttachment(msg,"c:\somefolder\my long file name.doc",TRUE)

    Alternatively, you can call this function AFTER you call AddMessage(), like so:

    if AddMessage(Msg,bodytext) then
    end if

    In this case, WcSetMessageAttachment() with the copy option set to TRUE, it will be smart enough to know to copy directly to the attachment folder
    rather than the wc:\temp folder when copying before you add the message.

    The only problem with this post copy method is that its quite possible for
    the target user, if he is online, to get an instant message WITHOUT the attachment because the copy wasn't done yet. So it is better to copy it
    first before calling AddMessage().


    The only problem doing it this method is that it is quite
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