• AUP 451.9f GAMMA is now available

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    Subject: AUP 451.9f GAMMA is now available
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    The next AUP GAMMA 451.9f is now available.

    To access the GAMMA AUP, type:


    If you are upto par, approximately 9 files will be updated.

    This update adds the following:

    - Update Java Chat (more enhancements coming)
    This is a recompiled and smaller wcnav.jar file.
    I think I left it at a BLUE background and I didn't want that.
    So expect a new jar file in the next update.

    - New WcAudioPlay.Class and WcAudioPlay.js to support playing
    sound with FireFox Browsers. These files will check for IE
    or FF.

    - New and enhanced cookie-based login forms in wcWEBAUTH.ZIP.
    This file is optional to unzip. The new WcWEB will work
    with your current templates and login.wct if you have made
    changes to the old wcWEBAUTH.ZIP files. However, if you are
    using the built-in login form files, then you should feel
    good about unzipping the new wcWebAuth.zip in this release.
    Most definitely much better than the old login form.

    I expect this to be a short gamma and the official release of 451.9 will
    be done sometime next week. What remains is cleaning some last minute documentation in the AUP.CHM help (and also changing the color in

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