• AUP 451.9e GAMMA is now available

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    Date: Wed, 04 Oct 2006 15:45:26 -0400
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    Subject: AUP 451.9e GAMMA is now available
    Newsgroups: winserver.public.gamma.testing
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    This is the first PUBLIC GAMMA for AUP 451.9.

    We will like to get as many field testers as we can on this one,
    especially developers. For this first one, we concentrated only BINARY updates. No templates, no new WCWEBAUTH.ZIP with the new login stuff.

    To access the GAMMA AUP, type:


    If you are upto par, approximately 24-30 files will be updated.

    The goal here is 100% PLUG AND PLAY COMPATIBILITY. Absolutely no change
    is required your part. Developers, Sysops who are testing the
    HTML-SIGNUP stuff made new a small change. I will describe this below.

    However, overall, for the normal sysop, no change is expected and there
    are some significant enhancements and fixes which you all should welcome
    and appreciate. I, for one, highly appreciate that we finally addressed
    all issues related to COOKIE/DIGEST Web Authentication Login issues that
    arose since their introduction back in 451.4.

    You should read the AUP HISTORY for 451.9 for complete change history.
    The following is the major highlights I think are significant.

    - Consistent SIGNUP logic for both TEXT and WEB mode.
    - Consistent LOGIN logic for all methods of connection.

    The bottom line here is that user accounts can now have "dots" in them,
    in particular when signing up or logging in via the web, like:

    j.d. smith

    This was always allowed via the TEXT and WEB mode, but with the WEB,
    when COOKIES/DIGEST login methods were introduced in 451.4, this caused
    some inconsistencies and bugs. The bugs found were fixed in 451.6 by
    basically having the WEB Server REJECT login names with a dot in it with
    a "USER NOT FOUND" error. However, it was now found that the WEB still
    allowed the new SIGNUP name to contain dots, but then the new user was
    not allowed to login, hence the main reason to address this entire issue
    in this update. We accomplished that.

    I would like to thank Brian Caouette for highlighting the problem
    related to COOKIE/DIGEST and user names with dots in them.

    - Wildcat POP3 now supports POCKET PC and MS Entourage Mail Readers.

    I would like to thank Rick Wagner for reporting this problem.

    There were other transparent changes/fixes that will help support
    cookie-based login form customization and CLOSED/VALIDATION System
    operations. This will be introduce as optional templates/zip files,

    The main thing now is to make sure this BINARY update fixes the above
    issues, and is PLUG and PLAY with no change in logic to your current web

    Thanks for your support


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