• GAMMA AUP 451.8d Available 07/01/2006

    From WINSERVER SUPPORT@1:124/5013 to All on Thu Jan 31 19:17:14 2019
    Date: Sat, 01 Jul 2006 23:04:34 -0400
    To: all
    Subject: GAMMA AUP 451.8d Available 07/01/2006
    Newsgroups: winserver.public.gamma.testing
    Message-ID: <1151809610.40.0@winserver.com>
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    A new GAMMA AUP 451.8d was posted. If you are an AUP SUBSCRIBER, you can access the PRE-RELEASE/GAMMA by typing:


    This will probably be the last GAMMA before official release of 451.8.

    o Update/Change History in 451.8d since last gamma

    - Corrected FILE_AREAS.HTM template with URL corrections that the new web server picked up on.

    - Removed WCODBC.DLL EXIT(1) command when memory allocation failed on SQL queries. Failed memory issues will be handled gracefully now. It will no
    longer abort WCONLINE.EXE.

    - New WCT variable sub-variable expansion {xxx} eliminating the need for complex EVAL() macro commands. Simplies WCT programming. Example:


    WCT will expand {I} first before returning the result.

    - WCSERVER has the start "configuration" option in the status menu. It will now use the correct server to connect. Before it was connecting to whatever server was defined by the environment string WILDCATSERVER.

    * Origin: Prison Board BBS Mesquite Tx //telnet.RDFIG.NET www. (1:124/5013)