• WCSAP v2.07 New Features - Include command and Multiple Filter Files

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    With WCSAP, it read a WCSAPFILTER.TXT file as defined by the WCSAP.INI

    Section Filter Options
    FilterList wc:\wcsap\wcsapfilter.txt

    New with WCSAP v2.07 (part of 451.6), the following was added:

    o Reading Multiple Filter Files

    The WCSAP.INI FilterList command can now be a wildcard specification,
    such as:

    FilterList wc:\wcsap\wcsapfilter*.txt

    This allows us now to create and share a new rules as files when we are
    sharing common/generic rules.

    o Filter Include Command:

    Alternatively, you can also use a new INCLUDE command within the WCSAPFILTER.TXT or any filter file:

    include wc:\wcsap\wcsapfilter-rule1.txt
    include wc:\wcsap\wcsapfilter-rule2.txt
    include wc:\wcsap\wcsapfilter-rule3.txt
    include wc:\wcsap\wcsapfilter-rule4.txt

    Example Implementation:

    You might want to clean your WCSAPFILTER.TXT file by consolidating all
    your rejects and accepts into separate files:


    First, you keep the WCSAP.INI FilterList command as:

    FilterList wc:\wcsap\wcsapfilter.txt

    and in the WCSAPFILTER.TXT, you simple use two INCLUDE commands:

    Default Test
    LogRule True
    include wc:\wcsap\wcsapfilter-rejects.txt
    include wc:\wcsap\wcsapfilter-accepts.txt

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