• WCSAP v2.07 New Features - SCORING

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    Please provide any quick comments on this. This will be added to the
    AUP.CHM help. I am looking for "neat examples" on how it can be used to
    add to the docs.

    Title : WCSAP Scoring System
    Version: 2.07
    Date : 01/14/06 04:58 pm


    A new WCSAP scoring system was added to WCSAPFILTER.TXT filter

    It works like this:

    The scoring system based on using +/- numbers for your ACCEPT/REJECT

    For example, suppose you have these three reject rules:

    reject if condition1
    reject if condition2
    reject if condition3

    Since WCSAP reads the rules from the TOP of the wcsapfilter.txt file, if
    the first condition fails, then no more reading is done and the result
    is a reject based on condition1.

    The above is equivalent to:

    reject if condition1 or condition2 or condition3

    This means any condition will cause a reject.

    If you wanted to use all three conditions to create a reject, then you
    could a combined the conditions with an AND operator:

    reject if condition1 and condition2 and condition3

    This means all 3 conditions must be met to create a reject.

    But what if you wanted to put a weight on a certain condition?

    What if you only wanted a reject if 2 of 3 conditions failed?

    In this case, this is where the new scoring system will help prepare

    ; Test and score three conditions
    score -1 if condition1
    score -1 if condition2
    score -1 if condition3

    The SCORE command is accumulative which means WCSAP will remember the
    current score (which begins at zero) and you would use the SCORE command
    to add or subject from the current score.

    Then you would use the %SCORE% macro within a REJECT/ACCEPT if condition
    to test the current score against a value you believe best represents
    the behavior you seek, for example:

    ; Reject if the score is less or equal to -2.
    reject if %SCORE% LTE -2

    WCSAP Scoring Commands:

    SetScore <value>

    Set the current score. The current always starts at zero.
    You can also use this to set it at any value you want or
    to reset it to zero.

    Score <value> if condition

    Perform a if condition, if the condition passes (ends up being
    true), then add the score value to the current total score.


    %SCORE% is a macro representing the current total score. You
    you can use it with a ACCEPT or REJECT command to test the
    current score.
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