• AUP GAMMA (pre-release) 451.6 now Available

    From HECTOR SANTOS@1:124/5013 to All on Sat Jan 19 03:22:54 2019
    Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 04:22:53 -0400
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    Subject: AUP GAMMA (pre-release) 451.6 now Available
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    The AUP GAMMA for Wildcat! v6.1.451.6 is now available. To obtain the pre-release gamma update, type the command:


    The new version of AUP corrects for TIMEZONE and DLST (Daylight Saving
    Time) related issues. You should no longer need to change your
    AUTO-ADJUST DLST checkbox in the DATE/TIME control panel in order to run
    the AUP. For those people who had problems related to repeated
    downloads after a AUP, this version should correct this. Please lets us
    know ASP if you continue to have this repeated download problem.

    For the most part, 451.6 is a plug and play minor update with minor bug
    fixes, corrections and enhancements. All information is in the

    The following is summary of 451.6 history change:


    - NEW: New Mail Server "Remote/Route Host Setup" Options

    TBD: Online help needs to be updated before release.

    - FIX: Fixed log formatting error {caught exception} bug

    - ENH: Send Trace now starts with initialized time

    - ENH: Changed domain resolving error logging.

    - NEW: Added support for SUBMIT protocol (PORT 587)

    TBD: Online help needs to be updated before release.

    - NEW: WCSMTP now optionally relaxes the angle brackets.

    TELNET/WCNAV Connections

    - ENH: Better cleanup of the Node Workpath "wcnode\node#" and
    users log off for wcNavigator and telnet sessions. You should
    stop WCONLINE, delete your WCWORK folder and restart. From
    now on, you should not see legacy WCWORK\NODE# files remaining
    after the user logs off. Please note, this was never a bug
    since Wildcat! always deleted the node folder for a new session.
    It just cleans it up better now after a log off.


    - FIX: Fixed CGI command line option to use additional passed
    arguments correctly.

    - FIX: Fixed Message_Create.htm template when posting to moderator

    - NEW: Message_Create.htm was changed to support new look and feel.
    New CC options. Looks cleaner (to me). This is the beginning
    of future changes to the entire web based mail client with better
    skin/template support. A new MAILCLIENT.CSS style sheet file was

    - ENH: Message_Create.htm now supports FIDONET address fields
    with support for CC options too.

    WCSAP (Wildcat! Sender Authentication Protocol)

    - FIX: Fixed Logic for empty DNSPTR, DNSA, DNSTXT lookups
    See wcbasicfilter.txt for example usage.

    NOTE: I still need update the docs on new changes/features
    to WCSAP. It now supports an INCLUDE option and wildcards
    to read multiple WCSAPFILTER*.TXT files. This will allow
    us to share rules without overrideing your main WCSAPFILTER.TXT

    WCBASIC (Wildcat! BASIC Software Development Kit)

    - FIX: XMODEM direct local file without quotes.

    - FIX: Fixed JustFileName() when passing quoted file names.

    - FIX: Fixed Download Successful recording of multiple files
    for XMODEM protocol.

    - NEW: New functions added to STRLIB.WCX library.

    - NEW: New functions added to HTMLUTIL.WCX library.

    - ENH: CARBON.WCX was enhanced to better support CC options
    supported by the new MESSAGE_CREATE.HTM template, including
    FIDONET CC addresses.

    - ENH: HTML-NEW MESSAGE.WCX was enhanced to support fidonet
    fields in messge_create.htm.

    WCNETRUNNER (Wildcat! Net Runner)

    - NEW: Recompiled, version updated and online help cleaned up.

    WCRADIUS (Wildcat! RADIUS Server)

    - FIX: Fixed automatic shutdown logic when WcRADIUS is
    using TaskTray Icon. WCPOSTWM should work now to shutdown
    WCRADIUS when it is running in tasktray mode.

    Hector Santos

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