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    Hi, Ardith Hinton!
    I read your message from 31.07.2014 22:26
    about Singing and punctuation marks.

    ak>> I was told by one guy that the words of the song should be taken
    ak>> in quotation marks. Like this:

    ak>> Maxim started, and probably, he was not very good:

    ak>> "Bonfire is barely glowing
    ak>> And darkness has covered the camp."

    ak>> Should I do it or the indentation of the song's words is enough?

    AH> Seems to me we're dealing with a matter of style here. If this guy
    AH> is (e.g.) a university instructor who's marking your work or an
    AH> editor assigned by a publishing house with its own ideas, I'd
    AH> suggest you do as he says for the time being regardless of whether
    AH> you and/or anyone else in E_T agrees with him.

    No, he is a usual person, although he worked in Russia as a tutor of
    English. So, I asked it here just for interest, to ping the area and
    awoke its inhabitants. ;-) I also believe that it is really a matter of
    style. Besides, if it were the biggest problem of my text I would be
    happy. ;-)

    AH> AFAIC the indentation of the song's words is enough. You have seen
    AH> me do exactly as you did when I cite two lines or more from a song
    AH> or a poem... or an astute observation by a well-known & highly
    AH> respected author such as Mark Twain or Sir Winston Churchill. Anne
    AH> Stilman (USA) agrees that that's how such things are generally
    AH> handled in formal English. You may see some exceptions in newspaper
    AH> & magazine articles, where the column width is limited, or in
    AH> Fidonet where we are writing informal "letters" to other club
    AH> members. You'll also see them in novels where a fictitious dialogue
    AH> goes on at length. If I didn't look further into the issue that's
    AH> because my own understanding has never evoked any negative remark
    AH> even during the time I spent as an English major at university. I
    AH> could check out what the Brits have to say on the subject. But so
    AH> could you, and evidently you prefer USAian English for reasons I
    AH> well understand.... :-))

    I prefer USAian English, but that guy is from Scotland. So, we try to
    make the text readable across the world.

    Bye, Ardith!
    Alexander Koryagin
    fido7.english-tutor 2014
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