• Clandestine activitity is a holy cow of democrasy

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    Hi, Roy Witt!

    He's tried to keep his information from being revealed, but that
    may not last, depending on who has that information now.

    This information is just a scandalous information which tells the
    world about methods of CIA and other similar organizations.


    Anyway, Snowden did his best. If we think it over, the logic is
    simple. The state must NOT have full control of its citizens. The state
    must not have power to suppress all clandestine activity. The state must
    not develop such technical instruments that make clandestine activity impossible. Because it is a matter of democracy survival.

    Suppose, the state controls its people to such an extent, that it
    knows all people connections. This means that a member of clandestine organization cannot hide anywhere among his friends, acquaintances and
    even people with whom he once had a phone talk. Why it is bad? Because clandestine activity is a holy cow of democracy. If some bustards came
    to power and they have all levers to suppress any clandestine activity
    they will be able to do it. And resistance will fail. That why the state
    must not be too powerful, too omnipresent. That's why NSA activity to
    trace all phone calls must be stopped, and its equipment and spy bases destroyed. It will, maybe, create some difficulties in catching real
    criminals. But it worth it. It provide freedom and democracy more
    chances for survival.

    Bye, Roy!
    Alexander Koryagin
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