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    From Aleksej Serdjukov@2:5020/1042.42 to Anatoliy Kovalenko on Sat Mar 3 08:24:55 2018
    Hello Anatoliy.

    29 Mar 12 20:21, you wrote to alexander koryagin:

    BTW, below there are two quoting variants. From your opinion - are
    they both correct? If yes, which one is better?

    The first one is better for GUI editors like mine, the second one is
    better for text mode editors (80x25) like GoldEd or I don't know what people use in DOS (does anyone use DOS anyway?). If you need a
    screenshot, I've uploaded it here:

    You can see that the first version fills the whole screen while the
    second version uses less than 2/3 of the screen. The readability is
    fine in both versions.

    My GoldED+ reformats the first version to fit the terminal's line length for display. Also it appears to reformat messages to fit the width of 80 characters or less before running an external editor. I am not sure what happens after GoldED+ receives the result from the editor -- it seems that you are better off not mixing long and short lines during multiple edits, or GoldED will be confused concatenating them; the editor receives a long line split into multiple lines, but GoldED may combine them (not other lines?!) later, despite what it looks like in the editor. The result is a mess.

    Of course, it may all depend on any of the numerous settings of GoldED+, which have no "modified" indicators (apparently my golded.cfg is based on one I used in 2006).


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  • From Anatoliy Kovalenko@2:5020/1042.46 to Aleksej Serdjukov on Sat Mar 3 08:24:55 2018
    Hello Aleksej!
    05.04.2012 22:04:18, Aleksej Serdjukov wrote to Anatoliy Kovalenko:

    Of course, it may all depend on any of the numerous settings of GoldED+,
    have no "modified" indicators (apparently my golded.cfg is based on one I
    in 2006).

    Personally I think the formatting is not required unless the user sends some pseudo-graphics made with characters. In cases with text, I think the user who reads the text can configure his editor to show unformatted text flow the way he likes. Using pre-formatting may result to unwanted ugly reformatting of the text later, for example, if you paste your text to notepad.exe and reduce the window size, you will get the followng:
    As you see, the text doesn't look fine for easy reading and requires manual removal of line breaks in cases further editing or publishing is needed. But if
    you do the same with unformatted text, notepad will format it correctly for any
    window size.

    Have a nice April, I'm tired of snow and want some green trees around! But the last weekend there was still enough snow to cover my knees in the village, although there was no snow at all in the same place in the beginning of April, 2010!

    Bye, Anatoliy.
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