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    From Alexander Koryagin@2:221/6 to All on Thu Oct 26 14:26:14 2023
    Hi, All!

    If you have nothing to do - sneeze into ashtray.

    PS: no article before ashtray? ;-)

    Bye, All!
    Alexander Koryagin

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  • From Anton Shepelev@2:221/6 to Alexander Koryagin on Thu Oct 26 14:51:14 2023
    Alexander Koryagin:

    If you have nothing to do -- sneeze into ashtray.

    If it is a phrase inscribed by way of a motivational
    instruction in the immediate presence of an ashtray, then
    the article is not needed, although I believe general
    grammar requires one, cf. the warning in an optics

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  • From Alexander Koryagin@2:221/6 to Ardith Hinton on Mon Nov 6 12:25:14 2023
    Hi, Ardith Hinton! - > Alexander Koryagin
    I read your message from 31.10.2023 01:56

    If you hae nothing to do - sneeze into ashtray.
    PS: no article before ashtray? ;-)

    If this is a joke,

    You you have a doubt? ;-)

    I'd includ the definite orr indefinite acticle on the assumption
    that such ontainers might already have some ash in them & your
    next move ould be a visit to the emergency ward. WRT those who
    feel thereis not enough drrama in their lives I reckon they have
    various other options. :-Q

    Yes, we call it jokes. I just decided to check how you see it. There are many such short joke. For instance,

    If you have nothing to do it is not the reason to search for a job!

    If you stuck in a road jam you can try to sell your car and buy another one closer to the traffic lights.

    --I am sad when I have nothing to do in my office! --But when you have a work? --Then I have a heavy depression.

    Adding to hat Anton wrote:: years ago I noticed signs on many buses
    with the wrds "To open dooor, push gate". But we don't usually talk
    that way.


    Bye, Ardith!
    Alexander Koryagin
    english_tutor 2023

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