• Root Cellar

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    Hi, Denis! Recently you wrote in a message to Ardith Hinton:

    Seriously, what I think of as a "root cellar" is
    akin to what you may have noticed in tales like
    THE WIZARD OF OZ where it doubles as a storm shelter.
    The state of Kansas is roughly on the same longitude
    as a city Canadians refer to as "Winterpeg"

    On Russian language - WIZARD OF IZUMRUDNY TOWN.

    Ah. Now that you mention it, I may have seen something of the sort before. Perhaps the name is different in other languages too. Either way I find a name like "Izumrudny" more challenging than I reckon you would. :-))

    And what is Your's ["Winterpeg"], Ardith?

    Winnipeg, Manitoba, located in +/- the centre of the North American continent where there's no nearby ocean to help keep things cool in summer & warm in winter. I remember reading in WAR AND PEACE how certain people from Moscow fled to St. Petersburg during the heat of summer, just as Canadians & Brits from inland regions tend to vacation by the seaside.

    That's basically how some members of my family ended up here. They discovered places which don't get too hot or cold & others followed.... :-)

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