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    Is English obligatory for learning in Quebec province schools?

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    Hello, alexander!

    Thursday June 03 2021 09:17, from alexander koryagin -> All:

    Is English obligatory for learning in Quebec province schools?

    I lived in Montreal QC about ten years ago. My daughter went to school there, so I am familiar a bit with their system.

    There are French and English schools in Quebec, both can be public or private. French school would be the default school for your kids unless you can prove that one of the parents is Anglophone, or parents are not permanent residents of Quebec province but at the same time the kid is eligible to attend public school, e.g. work visa situation. It is all about Bull 101 or Law 101 to preserve French language.

    Bill 101 prevents students in the French system from being taught core curriculum in English, such as math or geography but they have English language classes about two or three times a week. It all reminds me of the English classes back in Soviet Union, technically students were studying to communicate in English but in practice that was not the goal of the education system.

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