• Need help with articulation

    From Anton Shepelev@2:221/6 to All on Thu Jan 28 11:42:06 2021
    Hello, all.

    How have you been doing whatever you have been doing?

    I have a question about a fictional newspaper article from
    Ross Macdonald's "The Doomsters"

    The story began in a rather stilted atmospheric style which
    made me wonder if Slovekin had been embarrassed by the
    writing of it: "In a tragedy which may parallel the ancient
    tragedy of Cain and Abel, violent death paid a furtive and
    shocking visit today to a well-known local family. Victim of
    the apparent slaying was Jeremiah Hallman, 34, prominent
    Buena Vista Valley rancher."

    Why is `victim' not heralded with the definite article? Is
    it omitted by way of telegraphic journalese? Unlikey among
    the surrounding wordly folliage...

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