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    I had my thoughts as I walked on the wharf with a good stiff wind and the temperature in the -5oC. I were in the -3oC with an occaisional swing up to -1oC or so. Lots of rain but no snow; a winter weight jacket was nice when I had to go out. I have an old woollen scarf, but I do not recall using it there. You probably had it packed with some other things and did not realise it until You unpacked. That sounds sort of logical to me:).
    Oh, I knew it was there; I just do not generally use such crutches. In August, though, it occasionally dipped below -1oC where I were. I was sort of disappointed because it never got to the equivalence/crossover point. I like having a scarf or something to prewarm the air I inhale. Azbuka can raise prices a bit more than other retailers without becoming noncompetitive. I doubt if it was raising price, probably, especially in the earlier
    days of the lock down, people stocking up (hoarding) that increased sales. It was certainly raising its prices, anyhow on things that interested me, because I saw them go up pretty much as I watched. Perekrestok does not immediately raise prices, which happens on restocking. No real surprise considering what has been going on 6 months. Sounds like all too familiar a story. Thankfully.

    I was tempted to say otherwise, but in fact Andrew appear to be smarter than me. Good for the Andrew! I do not have WinWord on this machine, do not know if I did use it if I did. Common and uncommon sense. Or vice versa. Social consciousness is not so widespread as one hopes. Neither is common sense. I did rather social consciousness than common sense, if they were competitors, but usually they are not, if one looks to the long term. Sigh!
    I can imagine.

    ... Yes, 90% of being smart is knowing what You are dumb at.
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