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    Interestingly, I have been in subj for 2 years now, got a Christmas card with the old address on the envelope. Not even a forwarding sticker; guess the post office knows me well enough to toss it to the right route sorter.

    Andrew replaced my tablet instead.

    Usually I am good about keeping the fridge door shut, but sometimes do the quick open and grab if I am fixing a meal using other cooking methods
    than stove microwave. It was cold enough today -- did not get out of the 30s, so far, has not yet done so evening either -- that I could have kept things outside, had I needed the extra fridge space. Supposed to warm up to the low 50s by tomorrow tho.
    It now is supposed to encompass breakfast and lunch, both, on Monday. The former of course does not affect me.
    Can not win, can You?

    I actually won - they did all the repairs and precautionary measures without turning off the power. Now, that was a help.

    Sounds like quite some winds. We have just enough of a breeze that I hear the wind chimes on the front porch doing just a gentle melody.

    Would You use mushrooms and zuchinni together?
    That is not funny!
    I saw a recipe for a mock apple pie, using zuchinni and the thought crossed my mind "should I try this with Andrew?"; that was funny.
    I am just rolling on the floor.
    I know.
    Curried fresh split pea soup I think I will take my pea soup warm, but maybe add some curry powder it. I already add turmeric; it is a start.

    I have seen cold soups that, if not too greasy, can be pleasing enough if seasoned enough. This soup might be served cold if in season.

    Title: Savory Asparagus Soup
    I did wait a few months before serving it cold here. I do not have snow, but it is cold.

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