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    Subj. And Yours? But I would not recomend it to everyone. I do not like being stoned so the medical ones that I get have very little if any THC so it works for me.
    I have a weak enough grasp on reality as it is - without artificially making it weaker.

    I've seen the older ladies from Greek Orthodox parish making these in advance of their Greek Food Festival. I attend - and hurt myself.

    I love stuffed grape leaves. But, then, I like most Greek specialities.


    Tomat, Herbs, Rice

    1 tb Olive oil
    6 c Water
    1 ts (ea) salt & pepper
    3/4 c Long grain white rice
    2 tb Butter; melted
    2 tb Flour
    Feta cheese; opt

    Add in the olive oil. Swirl the oil around. Add in the salt, pepper and rice.

    Cover it.


    This will make the soup creamy and thick.

    Ladle soup into bowls and serve with feta, if desired.

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    Hi, Denis! Recently you wrote in a message to All:

    Subj. And Yours?

    The remainder of this message appears to be a compilation of material from the COOKING echo which makes little sense when it's taken out of context.

    If you want to know what *my* favourite things are I'd suggest you go first. Tell us, in your own words, what Denis's favourite things are.... :-)

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