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    From Ardith Hinton@1:153/716 to alexander koryagin on Fri Mar 2 18:00:57 2018
    Hi yet again, Alexander! This is another continuation of a previous reply:

    What a honey! Never tested anything like that!

    Dallas's reaction here was the same as mine... are you referring to (e.g.) a certain type of food produced by apis mellifera or to (e.g.) a nubile and/or beloved homo sapiens, who is probably also of the feminine gender? :-Q

    Is it correct? Probably such omitions are used in
    informal speech.

    No doubt they would pass muster on the local rock station or at the neighbourhood pub, but I don't imagine the latter is quite what you meant. In informal speech many things may be allowed which I wouldn't touch with a barge pole lest I be misunderstood. As a Canadian, I understand & accept that other folks make different choices. I'm also aware, however, that certain words may have more than one meaning... and the writer may not realize that folks on the other side of the ocean (or the other side of the mountains, or the other side of the railway tracks) interpret them differently. While a good dictionary is an asset here, few people will bother to read it if they think they know. :-)

    Anyway, I see you're equating "such a" with "what a"... but I agree that the same principle seems to apply in both cases. More examples: "what a mess", "such a clatter", "such a love". Detailed citation on request.... ;-)

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