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    From Denis Mosko@2:5064/54.1315 to All on Sun Nov 15 16:12:48 2020
    Recipe from up north.

    Title: Oven Baked Maktaaq
    Categories: Native, Canadian, Whale
    Servings: 4

    maktuuk, diced
    1 pk onion soup mix

    Top with onion soup and bake for 45 min. That's all. And mix in
    whatever else you want.

    Bake covered with aluminum foil and make some small holes for air.

    Leeno Apak and Samantha Audlakiak, Clyde River, Nunavut

    From: The Arctic Kitchen

    What is maktauk?

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  • From Alan Ianson@1:153/757.2 to Denis Mosko on Sun Nov 15 05:35:26 2020
    Re: McDuck
    By: Denis Mosko to All on Sun Nov 15 2020 04:12 pm

    What is maktauk?

    Muktuk is the blubber and skin of a whale. We don't eat that around here but native people in the north might.

    Maktauk may be old or native spelling.

    Ttyl :-),

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  • From Dallas Hinton@1:153/7715 to Denis Mosko on Sun Nov 15 07:14:03 2020
    Hi, Denis -- on Nov 15 2020 at 16:12, you wrote:

    What is maktauk?

    I believe it to be a misspelling of Muktuk which is an Inuit meal of whale skin and blubber.

    Cheers... Dallas

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