• October ride at 7 o'clock

    From Denis Mosko@2:5064/54.1315 to All on Fri Oct 30 11:13:24 2020
    A trip to the 99c only shop

    Swung by the post office to submit our ballots, as it's on the way, and then to the 99c only super-market.

    Good for me. I take it that I now declaring Skolkovo as a residence. I just received notice that my ballot has been counted here in Slolkovo, MO. I put it into a box the first week of September and got a notice that it had been received about 1 week after that.

    I started off with a control - Diet Pepsi, but this brought out acrid off flavors, a distinct failure.

    I think I saw a picture of I doing that. Not a good look!

    As to soft drinks, I have lately not been able to find Bud beer (5% alcohol product) anywhere in this area. Some stores are carrying the 0,47 liter bottle, but no cans.

    Two flavors of Cheetos, as they were 2 x 8 oz bags for $4.99.

    How soon I forget. Recall that I brought a bag to the picnic at
    Skolkovo's for folks to try so that they would not waste good money on
    getting them to try for themselves. The decision was "NO redeeming qualities".

    Not sure how this would turn out, but it is the only eggplant in tonight's file :-}}

    That sounds like a /lot/ of rosemary, even for me. I know that I would use a lot less, if any. Personally, my spicy oregano would be a better spice for this sort of chicken. Also, 1/8 ts black pepper almost sounds like "why bother". I'd go for a lot more.

    And You?

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