• That's what public libraries are for -

    From Denis Mosko@2:5064/54.1315 to All on Thu Oct 29 22:14:52 2020
    - You get to read interesting stuff that you wouldn't be inclined to pay for or enrich the author. We used to hit up the public libraries a lot when the boys were younger but sort of drifted away from it as they got into high school. I'm getting my books from other sources now.

    I got the kids version as a hellowen gift one year from a friend. It had some good things in, and a lot of stuff our family never was in to. One boy always wanted the snowman cake for new year, appropriate in January. One year one boy (October birthday) requested it also, and I made it. Nice thing about that book was not having to go thru a lot of other "stuff" to get to where You wanted and the wire spiral binding, allowing it to lie flat.

    Which not everybody has so they write most books for the LCD level.

    And the appeal of the historical old ones is that
    they aren't so LCD nor so OCD.

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