• School's bread baking

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    Our school (in a rural area) did not have any ppr kids. Had some
    families that were quite uncomfortable (Drs, insurance saleswoman); some
    that did ok (fidoneters, newspaper workers) and a lot of dairy farmers.

    Boys had the outfit year round, khaki slacks, collared plain white shirt, plain black tie.

    Only recognition we go was our name printed in the listing in the local newspaper.

    I understand; my upbringing was really tight until Mom started working.
    Things eased off a bit then but we probably would have qualified as
    middle class, at best.

    You could have taken it to some place/person and had more quilting put
    into it if needs be. I machine piece my tops and have them long arm
    quilted so they are quite sturdy.

    Maybe your dishwasher rinses better than the ones that I am familiar with. Could be; I used it last year at the picnic tho most all the plates, bowls, flatware, etc was disposable.

    I have a rarely used "keep warm" 'coil' that might work, never tried it
    for any super low cooking tho. Might have to give it a try.

    I know, same as we've not been to visit parents in filial since mid May. They have electric--and the only apartment with a working stove. Mom wouldn't move in until she was assured that the stove would be connected so she could cook.

    My travel style wouldn't allow for that. Some of the cooking TV show chefs have experienced difficulty in their wanders - of course they could check their tools, but that would be like checking a baby or something.

    The advantage of having the camper--I carry a fairly complete kitchen
    and don't have to worry about can I carry knives or do I have to leave
    them home.

    No wonder you're the cook for those places! Makes everyone happy, or at least less dyspeptic. A very good thing.

    Catch you later,

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