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    From Anton Shepelev@2:221/360 to Ardith Hinton on Fri Jul 26 00:32:38 2019
    Ardith Hinton:

    Understood. It's not the way folks generally write
    here. However, I would like to think I've helped create
    an atmosphere in which they feel free to test emerging

    Well-noted. One can't improve one's English, nor one's
    muscles, if one does not occasionally stretch one's skills
    to, and then a little beyond, their limits, in which
    exercise errors are unavoidable.

    & within reason to lighten up the tone when the
    discussion of grammar or whatever is a bit abstruse for
    some members of the audience. ;-)

    Yeah, keep it spicy.

    I agree with you & the sound engineer that the dialect
    used in a song cannot... in most cases... be improved
    upon or translated into standard English without losing
    A mere glance at Matlock's notes about translating Leskov's
    "Soboyrane" into English shows how difficult it indeed it


    Another example I noticed in a folk song book was what
    the writers or their editors did with "Let My People
    Go". AFAIK this song originated with slaves in the
    southeastern USA, most but not all of whom were black.
    If they rhymed "lost" with "across 't", a pronunciation
    used in some parts of northern England, I can relate.

    Sorry, I can't help it:


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