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    UPDATE: This guide uses the Undead Patch to Crack Steam. You can also
    crack Steam using RevCrew's latest SteamUp! release as a better

    Cracked Steam: Installation Guide

    Steam is valves community service for games download and xfire like
    community service. The only problem is that it is not free. The first
    question is why you need it. For me it was never necessary, because
    all the games are available in non-steam version and with SteamFire
    the detection problem with Xfire is resolved. But newer steam games
    like Team Fortress 2 have incorporated unlockable weapons and
    achievements that require you to be logged in ur steam account.

    So, following is the guide to installing steam and cracking it with
    undead patch:

    * First of all download Steam, install it
    * Create a free account on steam and login using it
    * Steam will update it self so let it update
    * Once everything is done, exit steam
    * Get UnDead Patch from HERE, extract in steam installation folder
    and run it. Patching will be done.
    * If something wrong happens, just delete STEAM.DLL and STEAM.CFG
    and redo it.
    * Once cracking is done fine, you are done.
    * There is also a MORE detailed Steam guide available below that
    covers not just installaiton but also info about downloading steam
    games for free.

    To enable Steam features within game, run steam and login to your
    account before running the game. Now when you run Team Fortress 2 (or
    any other steam supported game), your steam in-game menu will be
    accessable as well as all achievements and stats tracking.

    DownLoads Crack Steam

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