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    Big Bertha Thing invite
    Cosmic Ray Series
    Possible Real World System Constructs
    Access page to 55K Zip File
    Astrophysics net ring access site
    Newsgroup Reviews including alt.politics.bush

    301 files from newsone.net newsgroup posting activities. (Model

    60 Newsgroup postings were deleted, after 15 hours.
    There were claims of major hacker attack,
    which turned to abashed embarassment.

    It turned out that the NSP owner,
    had sent out a world-wide posting.
    It invited all users, who had forgotten their passwords,
    to just leave it blank. Then a new confirmation password
    would be sent. Cinderela was invited to the ball.

    Thank you,
    Tony Lance

    Big Bertha Thing format

    Anybody heard of the fly-paper trap?
    Where all the flies are collected, in an unsightly mess,
    hanging from the kitchen ceiling.
    The expensive version is the lizard with a long tongue,
    that retracts after each catch.

    Take an uncensored version of a usenet newsgroup,
    show the subject line of each thread header,
    with the total number of postings and the net
    number of postings after extracts.
    Put the total number of extracts, in the first line,
    at the top of the list of postings.
    Anyone wishing to search the extracts clicks on it
    and finds each person extracted with 2 lines each.
    The first line shows the number of thread headers
    and the second the number of replies.
    Further clicks go down to posting level.

    Extract everyone with more than 1000 postings
    on any single newsgroup, from all newsgroups.

    Examples of the fly-paper trap can be found on:- http://www.bigberthathing.com/news.html http://www.bigberthathing.com/want04.html

    Tony Lance
    Hi there,
    Wow! The posting below is definitely off-topic; to the detriment of
    It is also in restraint of trade and anti-trust.
    Microsoft has just spammed 500 newgroups, with the posting. (see
    Thank you,
    Tony Lance
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