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    The www.hyperbowl.com site where you would have been able to upgrade the game is no longer available. With Microsoft, it's known that after a software item has been out on the market for so long, the normally only give you support or make it available to you for about ten years, after that any support or item will be hard to come by.

    Sorry for the bad news, hope this helped.

    On Tuesday, June 17, 2008 11:36 AM geargrinde wrote:

    Hello :o)

    I just purchased Microsoft Plus! SuperPack for Windows XP for our children. After installing the CD, then playing the HyperBowl game; I clicked on F4 for

    additional lanes...

    The instructions said:

    When upgrading your HyperBowl game, you can chose up to four additional lanes and support for as many as four players at one time. For information about upgrading to the additional four lanes and multiplayer support in HyperBowl, see the Microsoft Plus! for Windows XP page on the Microsoft Web site.

    However, when clicking on this link the web page has the following message...

    We are sorry, the page you requested cannot be found.

    After searching for more information; I finally find a Web sight with the following message...

    Microsoft has discontinued Plus! SuperPack for Windows XP and Plus! Digital Media Edition. Many of the features and tools that have been enjoyed for years now can be found in new Microsoft titles and services including Windows

    Vista???. For more information Click Here

    The Microsoft Plus titles will be available in retail outlets while supplies last.

    Customers will receive product support for up to three years from purchase date or through April 30, 2010, whichever date is reached first.

    When Clicking on the Click Here Link; I found nothing about Microsoft Plus! SuperPack for Windows XP.

    Surely since you sold this product to us, there must be a way to upgrade these games, correct?

    thanks, Mrs. Hunt

    On Wednesday, June 25, 2008 7:20 PM pep wrote:

    Plus! Games The most fun (and most addictive) category in Microsoft Plus! is

    the games, which include HyperBowl, Russian Square, and Labyrinth. All of >> them will give you hours of intense and visually impressive gaming. Read on >> to learn the specifics of each. Bowl in a lane next to Team Triumviratein >> ancient Rome with HyperBowl, complete with numerous obstacles to avoid
    andrealistic sound effects. Have a bowl. HyperBowl Plus! Edition is bowling,

    electronic-style. To start HyperBowl, click Games on the opening Plus! screen
    to display the three games included in Plus! and then click HyperBowl's Start
    link. Your first decision is which version of bowling you want to play. A >> lane in the Lobby represents each version: Classic Bowl or Pins Of Rome. You

    choose which lane you want by dragging your mouse to roll the electronic
    bowling ball into it. The Classic Bowl lane looks similar to a traditional >> wooden bowling alley. In contrast, the Pins Of Rome is set in ancient Rome >> and requires that you move the ball down a portico with numerous obstacles >> you must avoid before you reach the pins. You can access four additional
    lanes of both Classic Bowl and Pins Of Rome if you buy the full version of >> HyperBowl from HyperEntertainment ($15.95 to $29.95, depending on whether you
    want the download, the CD-ROM, or both; www.hyperbowl.com). After you select

    the lane, its 3D setting appears on-screen. You have 24 seconds to move the >> ball down the lane and hit the pins. Similar to real-life bowling, you have >> 10 frames; the score appears after each of your turns. For a more realistic >> bowling experience, HyperBowl's sound effects include such alley audio as the
    familiar, hollow roll-and-crash in Classic Bowl; in Pins Of Rome, you'll hear
    rushing water from the portico, as well. Just as you might expect, you
    control the side-to-side movement of the ball by moving the mouse left and >> right. To move the ball forward, push the mouse repeatedly away from you. To

    slow down the ball, drag the mouse in the opposite direction (toward you) or

    just stop moving it altogether. The trick is to move the ball with enough >> speed to knock down the pins but not so fast that you create a split between

    the leftmost and rightmost pins. Finally, to switch lanes, press the ESC key

    and then choose Quit To Lobby; to exit the game, choose Exit HyperBowl.

    "geargrinder" wrote:

    On Sunday, April 26, 2009 2:24 AM Nikki_Denni wrote:

    "geargrinder" wrote:

    On Sunday, April 26, 2009 2:27 AM NikkiDenni wrote:

    Hello, I know what you mean; I too am trying to find the Upgrade Edition of
    Hyperbowl Plus for my child, if you had any luck please notify me it would
    much appreciated, Nikki

    "geargrinder" wrote:

    On Monday, July 20, 2009 1:59 PM nathan szanto wrote:

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