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    On Dec 8, 11:47 am, KenK <inva...@invalid.com> wrote:
    Anyone know of a helpful utility to speed up an old clogged computer
    running XP Home? Something more friendly and especially more informative
    than DOS's msconfig > startup. I have no idea what many of the aps it lists do. Am I stuck with the need to Google each of the unknowns?


    "Where there's smoke there's toast!" Anon

    The "snake oil" registry cleaner scams have given
    most people such a bad attitude about registry cleaners
    that even the good free ones are generally panned
    by many techies. Not all are scams though.

    It's preferable to build a clean install
    from your original Windows install files/CD and install
    all of the updates and everyday programs that you
    use, and then "bottle it" by making an image copy
    or partition clone.

    Whereas some OEM computer makers used hidden
    partitions on the top end of the hard disk, I like to
    make an openly visible partition and clone the
    first boot partition to it. XXClone (free) allows me to
    actually boot from either one, a nice way to test
    the upper partition, but since you can't clone
    to the drive you booted on, while it's running, booting
    on the last partition is a means to repair the
    first partition by cloning to it.

    None of this takes the place of serious unattached backups
    which can be done as a detached partition image file or
    a detached clone partition as I described above.

    However, I have found that cloning from the last
    partition to the first partition solves 90% of all problems
    where a backup might ordinarily be used.

    If somebody runs into an uninstaller that fails, leaving
    garbage files and garbage registry entries buried deep
    in the system's "craw" I just boot from the last
    partition and xxclone from the last to the first parition.
    I do something else for half an hour, while it works.
    Then I run the built in tools to ensure that the newly
    minted first parition is bootable. Then I boot the first partition.

    An image file might work better for detached removable backup.

    XXClone (free version partition cloner)
    Macrium reflect (free version makes partition images?)

    Do you have the original CD/files/hidden install partition?
    No registry cleaner is preferable to a clean install.
    Got backups?
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