• General Comments 11/3/2015 3:03 PM

    From RUBEN FIGUEROA@1:124/5013 to CHRISTOPHER TAYLOR on Thu Jan 31 19:16:28 2019
    Man this is cool seeing a Wildcat! BBS still running. I ran a Wildcat!
    10 line BBS back in the 90's... Right now I just resurrected my BBS
    using Mystic BBS on a Raspberry PI - but after seeing your's I'm tempted
    to restore my old WC board!

    Thanks for the kinds words. Glad to see you back in the BBS world. I
    have Mystic running on an windows 10 coputer at pb.darktech.org:24 and I
    just resurrected my PCBoard bbs and it is at pcbpb.darktech.org:2424.
    There is also a Sync board I am dabbling in at pbsync.darktech.org:30

    Enjoy your stay here and come back often.

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