• D'Bridge 3.99/SR13 addendum

    From Shawn Highfield@1:229/452 to Nick Andre on Tue May 30 16:40:02 2017
    * Replying to a msg in DBRIDGE (Fidonet - D'Bridge)

    Hello Nick!

    30 May 17 08:10, you wrote to me:

    Replying in this echo because I don't want to hear from the fucker of dead dogs.

    Could be. I'm not popular with a few others because I do not honour feed-cuts.

    That explains it right there. Christ the biggest power tripper in fidonet
    is the moderator of the D'Bridge echo and I've been "cut" many times. I just put
    the fucker in my twit filter. Tosser catches all his nonsense and deletes it.

    He has a VERY VERY VERY large cock and has shown it to me many many times.


    ... A woman drove me to drink, and I never had the courtesy to thank her.
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