• Douchebag videos on Youtube

    From Atreyu@1:229/426 to All on Tue Aug 9 18:04:49 2016
    Yeah... as if what in the subject line is of any surprise.

    So I saw this video of someone in the 'states walking around taking videos of police officers. He makes it a point to tell them this, and that its his right to film them, etc etc. The purpose of his videos appears to be to get some sort of negative reaction out of them, to "surprise" them that they are being filmed within constitutional rights to do so.

    Anyhow so this douche goes up to a police headquarters in New York and starts filming the outside. Sure enough, a few officers show up. They ask him what he is doing filming, he says its his right. They ask for his ID, he gives them his name and his address, but does not present any actual ID. When they question him further, he asks if he's being charged with a crime, and he pleads the 5th, right to remain silent, etc.

    So I watched this video a few times... at first I'm like okay, so you proved that you can film officers in public. Good for you genius. After a few times, my thoughts were, you're taking pictures and videos of the outside of a police headquarters dipshit, they have EVERY right to ask you what you are doing, and maybe even detain you under guise of suspicitious activity. In fact, I hope they DO arrest you and you get to have all sorts of fun "getting your lawyer".

    Youtube sucks ass. In fact I hope the Internet dies a horrible painful death.


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