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    From Sean Dennis@1:18/200 to All on Wed Aug 28 12:12:06 2019
    Hello All.

    From my post in BBS_CARNIVAL:

    === Cut ===
    I need some help from my fellow sysops.

    As many of you may know, I am the developer behind the Cheepware line of BBS doors and utilities. I have been developing these programs since 1998. All of my programs are freeware and soon will be open source.

    I recently switched doorkits to Manndoor that allows me to create native doors for the following operating systems: DOS, OS/2, Win32, and Linux. The Win32 executable also doubles as a WINServer-native door which means it reads WINServer's internal files and doesn't need a drop file.

    The DOS version can support DOOR.SYS and DORINFOx.DEF dropfiles.
    The OS/2 and Win32 versions can support DOOR32.SYS dropfiles.
    The Linux version can support all three.

    All versions but DOS can support direct connections through a telnet server, however, with the OS/2 version, I use DOOR32.SYS with a serial port telnet engine (VMODEM).

    I am working on the Linux doors. I have a 64-bit Slackware system with MBSE set up.

    The DOS door works but I am hunting down a non-fatal RTE right now.

    What I need help with is testing.

    For the Win32 version, I need help with learning how to set up the door with the various Win32 software out there. I know that the DOOR32.SYS stuff works but I'd like to know how the direct telet works as well as how the WINServer doors work (and how to install them).

    If you're interested in helping, please let me know. I prefer netmail and then email (sysop@outpostbbs.net).

    Any and all help would be appreciated. For your efforts, I'll compile a custom version for your BBS saying the door is "registered" to you. :)

    I have verified that the OS/2 native version is working properly. The DOS version, again, is working properly but there's a non-fatal RTE I'm working on. === Cut ===


    --- GoldED/2 3.0.1
    * Origin: Cheepware WHQ (1:18/200)