• New release

    From Sean Dennis@1:18/200 to All on Thu Nov 23 20:25:41 2023
    Hello All,

    I was bored after having a big Thanksgiving dinner and reworked a utility I wrote a while back called SWait. SWait is meant to delay the execution of a batchfile until a semaphore file is deleted.

    This time around, with some help from Nick Andre (D'Bridge developer), I wrote a DOS version with good timeslicing. I've released three versions: SWAIT02D.ARJ (DOS), SWAIT02P.ARJ (32-bit OS/2), and SWAIT02W.ARJ (32-bit Windows).

    I have not hatched out via my Fidonet CH-WARE filebone yet as I need to get things reconnected due to changes in the IFDC administration but you can download SWait from my BBS and my website. As soon as I can get that fixed, I'll hatch them out.


    -- Sean

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