• Cheepware Update

    From Sean Dennis@1:18/200 to All on Thu Mar 16 22:29:04 2023
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    Hello All,

    I have been very busy as of late but have stolen some time late-night before bed to work on Cheepware. What I've been doing:

    - Rewrote the string centering code. It was a little strange so I rewrote it completely, adding in missing support to correctly center strings using either pipe- or LORD-style color codes.

    - Moving some custom routines out of my old doorkit code and putting it into MannDoor directly.

    - Optimizing a lot of code here and there.

    - Please note that MannDoor is not fully backwards-compatible with older versions. I may eventually rename the doorkit amd make it my own with all of this work I'm putting into it.

    - I am trying to hunt down a harmless but annoying bug in MannDoor that only affects DOS doors. I've contacted MannDoor's original author but after a month, I've received no reply.

    - Started working on documentation. The worst part of programming. <G>

    Once I get the code tweaked a bit more, I'll release my new version of MannDoor.

    -- Sean

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