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    First bit of writing in a long time. Trying to get back into my rhythm,
    despite the pain.

    "Mutters and Utterances"

    ("Some magicians think they can wake Leviathan. So let them say their curses and curse the day I was born." Job 3:8)

    I was wondering when your divination would show its hand.
    When the mutters and utterances under your breath
    would cast their obelisk shadows across the land.

    I cannot say what I wish I could. The lake is full of fury,
    the river a crease across the countryside. And every moment
    that looks darker than the last
    is prophesied to be the final event on the calendar
    that you think you began.

    How many births must there be until
    people give each other room to breathe.

    The hospitals are riddled with shrapnel and blood,
    and yet we lock our doors to the innocents for fear
    there is a magician hidden among them. And Jesus never

    Enters the doors of churches who do not open theirs.

    It feels like a million years of crying, each birth preceded
    by twice as much dying. Can I ask you for a hand before you
    dismiss me from your sphere? Where did we learn to put
    predetermined circumferences around our circle of friends?

    I wait too long now. The songs lie dormant in an age so far gone
    that the tears follow my wrinkles from the corner of each eye
    along the creases in my cheeks. The weeks pass and summer slips
    by; a brief breeze of someone I once knew by name.

    When grief finally erupts from its deep springs, the mourning
    over losses (years of love, missed endearments) obscures the sky
    and I hear my papa cry, "you make a better door than a window."

    These days (no lie) I would rather sneak out of the way
    than take the lumps for discovering what I had always wished

    To be true.


    mark p.


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