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    "Original Intent"

    ("They didn't demand an accounting from the men into whose hand they
    delivered the money.for they dealt faithfully. 2 Kings 12:15)

    I will trust you with these words, and leave them in your care,
    for, until this time and backward a plural of degrees
    you have kept them carefully and incubated their design;

    A harder task than most realize.

    So, as I deposit them to your account, I trust you will keep
    them unmixed
    from other motifs and sentiments as well you can,
    for rationalizations exist for withdrawing notes from

    Unrelated accounts and attaching them; addendums never
    realized nor penned by my familiar signature.

    My words are the handiwork of my heart, and my
    is (as yours is) fragile, yet true. Will you,
    as I place them in your safekeeping, administer them,

    Not as your own,
    but as you know I meant them to be.

    I've seen the conversations, the sloppy accounting,
    where lines are crossed out or carelessly erased,
    and then quickly replaced with overtones never
    implied in the original autograph. I have seen you,

    In my mind's eye,

    Solitary at eve with undried sighs,
    knowing replacing the replacements
    with your own erasure would raise newer suspicions
    about your original intent.


    mark p.


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