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    Energy fades.the mind not so much.

    "The First Place"

    I heard the first place we went was undiscoverable,
    they were caverns I had never seen, fissures in the granite
    where glaciers had retreated. But now we stood
    halfway up the slope like the spine of a giant whale
    and we whispered the world between the breaths we took.

    I would go farther, see the summit, but the damage done
    over years of abuse
    and self-styled announcements
    has left me panting far below the treeline.
    New wounds only irritate old wounds
    and now I doubt all will be smoothed over
    by the time I'm asked to deliver my final address
    on the state of the world
    and my place in it.

    If you could supply, by grant or by inheritance,
    I would comply without counting the dangers.
    You know how sad I've become, you know my fingers
    are crooked and my throat is bare. You know best,
    besides the one sweet harbor of my years,
    how far the crest of the stars has fallen from me.

    I wanted the first place I went was out to sea,
    they were trenches deeper than mountains, the wounds in the planet
    darker than soldiers' tears. Now I want to last, please,
    at least until
    I see the fire fall just once more. Until hose crying for aid,
    lie on the ground and watch stars dance like before.

    I want to know You have walked through the door
    in your humblest theophany (you are the poor, the sick,
    the aging, the abused) and we have gladly welcomed
    the glad parade from here to home.


    mark p.


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