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    From Mark@1:396/4 to Practical Christian Life on Sun Jun 14 12:57:45 2020
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    Some fires flare up.

    "Scratch That"

    I would have opened more to you
    after you knocked on my window earlier than sunrise.
    But, with slumber heavy on my limbs, my eyes
    ran behind the thoughts still twisted around last night's dream.

    I would have let you in, let you have your say,
    and, after you stayed and understood, we might have
    taken a chance at another 20 years of friendship.

    But I closed my window, out of reflex, out of weary
    habits of explaining why I preferred it quietly shut;

    Almost all the time.

    And, since it was my window after all, I hoped you
    would understand.

    Here's another thing, and I hate to explain,
    or excuse my actions on the short-circuited synapses
    in my brain.but the tapping on my bedroom window
    only increases the flow of fiery impulses that squeeze my brain
    like an iron-clad orange peel.

    You're not the first, though, maybe not the last. And,
    I'll certainly take my part.

    No, scratch that. Don't remember the previous lines.
    Delete them, wipe them from your mind.

    I am angry. I am boiling over. I want to pour wrath upon
    every former friend who wished me dead.them dead to me.
    I am tired of the punches unreturned. I am tired of the lies
    that set up roadblocks to beauty they would have been a spring of joy
    rising up to heal this hopeless heart.

    Behind my back, oh the obituaries they wrote; short, to the point;
    "He was here, He did, He died."
    And my insignificance floats further back in time so that my anger

    Seems entirely out of line. Beware the conflagration of a heart
    never allowed to speak its peace. Instead, with every intention
    of making me zero; and every false apology reserving a hero's welcome
    for their consideration

    Only put more kindling on a fire that could have burned out quickly
    in a friend to friend bout of honesty. But, for some, broken rules

    So much worse

    Than broken hearts or cursed.

    mark p.


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