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    Enclosed within God's love.

    "Imagine Falling"

    ("Then Moses and the Levite religious leaders said to all Israel, 'Be quiet
    and listen, O Israel! This day you have become the people of the Lord your God.'" Deuteronomy 27:9)

    Imagine falling weightless in a slow spin into
    a wide well that has no end;
    bottomless and you find you have no more
    need for air.

    The silent liquid surrounds your every bend
    and every wrinkle. Like a dream floating far above
    the landscape below guided by the movement of the air,
    your mass and the liquid's are equal.

    Imagine you fall without fear or reflex, bathed by
    the warmth more solid than your usual air.
    Each and every pore is filled, the entire scan of your skin;
    more visible than air, your eyes do not burn. Every strand of hair
    waves the slow tempo, the legato arc that, for this
    imagined time
    denies gravity's demands, forgets calendar commands
    while safely framed by beauty's fantasy.

    Imagine you stay much longer than you intended; an hour,
    an evening, a day; and you recall the water (though it was not
    water at all), now seemed like millions of molecules held together
    by little more than a handshake. And the longer you stayed, the more
    you sensed,
    the liquid, the well, your skin were less foreign than you knew.

    When we imagine that which is true, there is no other expectation
    than that which we've known from the beginning. The Water
    giving life and nourishing; the Joy stronger than death and
    drenching our stubborn souls completely covered in Love.


    mark p.


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