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    We might hear singing from unexpected sources.

    "The Spirit Poured out Upon All and Certain Jealousies"

    ("Teach me how to live to please you, because you're my God. Lead me by your blessed Spirit into cleared and level pastureland." Psalm 143:10 {The Message})

    Now the last phone call I received was well-intentioned,
    but I have a view from another side of the mountain,
    If I speak as I see, acknowledging the focus of the other's scene,
    everything can be disremembered and spread like stale smoke and perfume
    until my observation is dissolved as completely as the last bubble
    in old champagne.

    If you looked at my heart carefully, microscopically, carefully,
    a quarter century ago; you know before the first peek; you hear
    it speak in healthy rhythm, and you would doubt any deficit of
    love or
    sprint or
    though the breath may be heavy, and the mistakes plenty,
    you would find only the few healed scars from crashing
    friends and cars in laughter afterward.

    Examine again the intention. Listen once more for the intonation.
    Hear the songs resound off the walls, and give slow devotion to
    the wafted savor of fewer or two who sing outside the encampment.

    Like Moses who could not
    care less
    that 70 prophesied around the temple
    and two within the marketplace; and only wished
    that all and complete,
    the Spirit would fill, and splash, and gush and flash
    like tropical thunder from every heart before or after

    Human inspection.


    mark p.


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