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    "If only we would let it never expire."

    "Know the Fire"

    ("Order the People of Israel to bring you virgin olive oil for light so that the lamps may be kept burning continually." Leviticus 24:2)

    Once the dust has cleared,
    once the tables have turned,
    once the night fog has lifted,
    once the lessons have been learned

    We may see the fire, we may see the fire,
    we may feel the flame, and sing with every
    citizen and alien, the light eternal
    is climbing higher.

    Once the guns have stopped,
    once the arrows are sheathed,
    once the cannons are silent,
    once the truth has been believed

    We may feel the fire, we may feel the fire,
    we may see the flame, and dance at every
    neighborhood and boundary, the light concentric
    began the choir.

    Don't settle for less
    when the deserts bloom.
    Don't keep up the battle
    where war is entombed.
    Wait for the valleys to rise,
    watch for mountains to fall.
    Lay down your armor, your shields,
    your thrones and quarterly yields.
    The day has arrived for divides
    to learn from bridges and
    home-light to be the newest general address.

    We will know the fire, we will know the fire,
    we will give the flame, and share with every
    loyalist and objector, the existent light
    is kindling desire.


    mark p.


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