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    We are not nearly as far apart as we observe.

    "I Shake Another"

    ("But the Lord watches over those who fear him, those who rely on his
    unfailing love." Psalm 33:18)

    See, the way you see; behold, the way you try the microscope
    to find deeper than you knew till now. There are pools with swimming
    beings, creatures unseen until magnification.

    Look, the way you look; observe the way you try the telescope
    to spell the names of stars furthers still. There are clothes with worn
    spinning, sequins unseen, but we had conjectured.

    When I shake your hand I bring the bits of dust and various lint
    from the hands of those I chose to greet so much earlier. When you
    shake my hand
    with your other dust and further lint,
    you leave with me the postcard (though subatomic)
    of everywhere you've been; perhaps recently,

    And then
    I shake another, and hug a friend, I wipe a tear, and begin
    or end,
    or take the bending of time beyond laborious thought
    into a sharing of the single world my hands have explored.

    It is better to avoid boredom by dreaming boundaries have dissolved
    than scheming higher walls to keep the unseemly outlawed.

    Let us fear Him, the All-Mighty and All-Persuasive; how dare we
    presume up
    His perfect Freedom, His Art and Grace in designing this space without
    our suggestions or outmoded notions. And, dare I observe that
    from His seat about and beyond, from His throne within the atomic bond,
    He, the One God, feels your enemy's pain because

    Your enemy is the epitome of His ultimate creation.


    mark p.


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