• August 31st - Saint Raymund Nonnatus

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    August 31st - Saint Raymund Nonnatus
    Religious of Our Lady of Mercy and Cardinal

    Saint Raymund Nonnatus was born in Catalonia, Spain, in the year 1204. Motherless from infancy, in his childhood he seemed to find pleasure
    only in his devotions and serious duties. He chose the Blessed Virgin
    for his mother, almost as soon as the light of reason made this choice available to him. His father, perceiving in him an inclination to the
    religious state and unwilling to give up his son, took him from school
    and sent him to take care of a farm which he owned in the country.
    Raymund readily obeyed, and, in order to enjoy holy solitude, kept the
    sheep himself and spent his time in the mountains and forests in holy meditation and prayer. He found there an ancient hermitage containing
    a portrait of his Blessed Mother, and made this his asylum. There the
    devil found him and, assuming the disguise of a shepherd, attempted to
    turn him away from his devotions; but Raymund turned his back on his
    visitor and called Mary to his assistance. The sole name of the Mother
    of God caused the demon to disappear, and the hermit prostrated
    himself and blessed Her for Her assistance.

    Some time afterward, he joined the new Order of Our Lady of Mercy for
    the redemption of captives, and was admitted to profession at
    Barcelona by the holy founder, Saint Peter Nolasco. Within two or
    three years after his profession, he was sent into Barbary with a
    considerable sum of money; in Algiers he purchased the liberty of a
    great number of slaves. When all his treasure was exhausted, he gave
    himself up as a hostage for the ransom of others, according to the
    Rule of his Order. This magnanimous sacrifice served only to
    exasperate the Moslems, who treated him with uncommon barbarity, until
    they began to fear that if he died in their hands, they would lose the
    ransom which had been asked for his deliverance. A crier announced in
    the streets that anyone who mistreated him would answer for it, if he

    Therefore he was permitted to go abroad in the streets, which liberty
    he utilized to comfort and encourage the Christians in chains, and to
    convert and baptize certain Moslems. Learning of this, their pasha,
    furious, condemned him to be impaled, but his barbarous sentence was
    commuted at the insistence of those who had an interest in the ransom
    payments for the slaves he was replacing. He underwent instead a cruel bastinade, but that torment did not daunt his courage. So long as he
    saw souls in danger of perishing eternally, he thought he had yet done

    Saint Raymund had no more money to employ in releasing poor captives;
    and to converse with those of the local beliefs on the subject of
    religion meant death. He enjoyed sufficient liberty nonetheless to
    continue the same endeavors, and he did so, hoping either for success
    or martyrdom. The governor, enraged, ordered our Saint to have his
    lips pierced and padlocked, then to be imprisoned until his ransom
    would be brought by members of his Order. He remained in jail for
    eight months before his brethren arrived with the required sum, sent
    by Saint Peter Nolasco.

    Upon his return to Spain, he was nominated Cardinal by Pope Gregory
    IX, and the Pope called him to Rome. The Saint was on his way, but had
    gone no farther than Cardona when he was seized with a violent fever.
    He died on August 31, 1240, in his 37th year. His face in death became beautiful and radiant like that of Moses when he descended from the mountaintop, where he had spoken with God. A heavenly fragrance
    surrounded his body, and cures were effected on behalf of those who
    came and touched him.

    Reflection: This magnanimous Saint gave not only his substance but his
    liberty, and exposed himself to the most cruel torments and death for
    the redemption of captives and the salvation of souls. But we, alas!
    do we not, merely to gratify our prodigality, vanity, or avarice,
    refuse to give even the superfluity of our possessions to the poor,
    who for want of it are perishing with cold and hunger? Let us not
    forget the terrible Judgment of the Last Day, awaiting those who
    neglect their brethren in need. (Cf. Matt. 25:31-46)

    Bible Quote:
    Now there are diversities of graces, but the same Spirit. And there
    are diversities of ministries. but the same Lord. And there are
    diversities of operations, but the same God, who worketh all in all.
    (1 Corinthians 12:4-6 ) DRB

    Saint Quote:
    Those who can enclose within the little paradise of the soul Him who
    created heaven and earth, may well believe they are in a good road,
    and that they shall not fail to arrive at length at the fountain of
    life, because they will make great progress in a short time.
    -- St. Teresa

    Prayer to St. Francis of Assisi

    St Francis of Assisi, Seraphic Father who assists all souls who invoke
    you, intercede for me in these difficult times of spiritual hunger and emptiness. Pray to Our Lady of Good Success so that I may increase in
    virtue, bless and support me so that I may finally be found worthy to
    enter into Eternal Happiness.
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